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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I purchase a gift Voucher?
A. Gift Vouchers can be purchased on our website or over the telephone by calling our sales team on 0371 384 1800. You must be 18 or over to purchase any product containing alcohol.

Q. I am having difficulties placing my order online.
A. If you experience problems placing your order, please call us on 0371 384 1800. and one of our agents will be more than happy to help you.

Q. Before I purchase can you tell me more information about the experience?
A. Please either look on the activity description on the website or call us on 0371 384 1800 for more information.

Q. Can I add a special message onto the Voucher?
A. Yes, just enter your message in the space provided before completing your sale.

Q. I have a discount code and it is not being accepted.
A. The discount code may have expired. Discount codes can only be applied to non promotional experiences.

Q. I haven’t received my order confirmation.
A. We advise that you wait at least 24 hours for the order confirmation email to come through, however if you have not received this after that time please call us on 0371 384 1800 or email

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Q. How much is standard postage?
A. £1.99 for Royal Mail First class Delivery.

Q. How long does delivery take?
A. All Voucher packs are sent first class, please allow 3-5 working days for your pack to arrive. We do have two further delivery options:-

Q. How long do Traditional Gifts take to be delivered?
A. Please check under the Product Information on the website for the approximate delivery time.

Q. Can I use a different delivery address, other than the purchasing address?
A. Yes, but for security reasons we are unable to send Vouchers over £100 to an address that is different from the purchasing address. If you would like to purchase a Voucher for more than £100 please phone us on 0844 800 2415.

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Registering/Validating Your Voucher

Q. How do I register/validate my Voucher?
A. Your registration card should include step by step instructions on the registration process. If you need help with this please email us on including your registration number.

Q. My information pack says I need a gift receipt to register, I don’t have this. What can I do?
A. To enable us to process your registration we do need a copy of the original receipt or gift receipt. We can also accept a copy of a bank statement showing the purchase transaction.

Q. I am having trouble registering online, can I register another way?
A. If you are unable to register online you can complete the registration card with your details and post it to our office, Activity Superstore Registrations, 1st Floor, 41-45 High Street, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1AR. We will return your Voucher in 4-5 working days upon receipt, and we would advise you to keep a copy of your registration number.

Q. I want to register for an experience not listed within my information. I have seen an experience on your website which suits my needs better than the Voucher I have, can I register for something different?
A. Yes, just make a note on your registration card of the product code you would like to have and then return your completed registration card with your full contact details to Activity Superstore, 1st Floor, 41-45 High Street, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1AR.

For exchanging to an experience worth more than your current Voucher please see Can I exchange to an experience that is more than the face value of my current Voucher?

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Q. How do I book my experience?
A. To view full booking details please go to and enter your Voucher number without any spaces or hyphens and then call the number next to your chosen location to book a date.

Q. Do any of the experiences have restrictions?
A. For safety reasons, some experiences have certain size, age and health restrictions, you can find this under the Need to Know section in the Activity Description on our website. You are required to notify Activity Superstore and/or the experience provider of any relevant medical condition. You must be 18 or over to purchase any product containing alcohol.

Q. Does my experience need to be taken or just booked before the expiry date?
A. You will need to have booked and attended your experience before the expiry date or the Voucher will become invalid.

Q. I have booked a date for my experience; can I cancel or change this?
A. We are unable to cancel or change the date or time of the experience once it is booked.

Q. What happens if my experience is cancelled due to weather by the experience provider?
A. If your experience is cancelled due to weather we will happily rebook you in for the next available dates. Please check upon cancellation of the rebooking procedure if booked directly with the experience provider.

Q. I cannot attend my booking due to illness, do I lose the Voucher?
A. Should you need to cancel your experience at short notice, owing to illness or accidental injury to yourself or the death of an immediate family member, it may be possible to rearrange your experience through a replacement Voucher. Please contact us on 0371 384 1800 as soon as possible.

For all claims we will need a copy of a Doctor’s note. Please note our Cancellation Cover does not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

Q. I have lost my Voucher, what can I do?
A. Unfortunately we are unable to reprint misplaced Vouchers.

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Q. Can I change my Voucher for a different experience?
A. Yes, your Voucher can be exchanged for another Voucher, up to the face value stated on it. Please note Activity Superstore promotional/special offer products and tangible gifts are excluded from the list of exchangeable products.

Q. Where can I find out how much my current Voucher is worth?
A. The value of the experience is noted on the bottom left hand corner of your Voucher.

Q. How do I exchange my Voucher?
A. Choose the experience you wish to exchange to and make a note of the product code. Send your Voucher back to us. Our address is The Activity Superstore Ltd, 1st Floor, 41-45 High Street, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1AR. Please include a covering letter detailing what you would like to exchange to and we will send the new Voucher to you, this can take up to 5 working days to arrive. Please keep a note of your original Voucher number in case your correspondence does not reach our office.

Q. Are there any restrictions on how many times I can change my Voucher?
A. Vouchers can only be exchanged twice.

Q. Is there a fee to exchanging my Voucher?
A. There is no fee for the first exchange and a £20.00 administration fee for the second exchange.

Q. Can I exchange to an experience that is more than the face value of my current Voucher?
A. Yes, but you will be required to pay the cost difference. You can do this by calling us on 0371 384 1800 or by sending in a cheque made payable to Activity Superstore Ltd.

Q. How long does the exchange process take?
A. Once we receive your original Voucher back, the exchanged Voucher is sent out the same day via first class post, please allow up to 5 working days to arrive.

Q. Does exchanging my Voucher extend the expiry date?
A. No, the expiry date remains the same as on your current Voucher.

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Q. Can I extend the Voucher expiry date?
A. Yes, it can be extended for a further six months. The Voucher can only be extended once and must be done whilst the Voucher is valid. Promotional Vouchers cannot be extended.

Q. How much is the extension fee?
A. There is an administration fee of £20.00.

Q. How do I extend my Voucher?
A. To extend by post just write to us, including your Voucher number and a cheque for £20 payable to Activity Superstore ltd. Include your contact details and we will send you confirmation of your extension. To extend by phone, just call us on 0371 384 1800 and we will guide you through the process. In both cases, you will need to retain your original Voucher.

Q. If I pay for an extension will I receive a new Voucher?
A. No, keep the Voucher you have. You will receive confirmation either via email or a letter. You will need to take extension confirmation as well as your Voucher on the day of your experience.

Q. I have lost my extension letter, can it be resent?
A. Yes, please email us at or call 0371 384 1800 quoting your Voucher number and request a replacement letter.

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This policy applies to Vouchers purchased online through or

Q. I no longer require the Voucher, can I have a refund?
A. If you are not satisfied with your Voucher pack, please call us within 28 days of purchase and we will happily arrange a full refund on receipt of your Voucher. Please return your Voucher to The Activity Superstore Ltd, 1st Floor, 41-45 High Street, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1AR. Refunds will be paid back onto the credit/debit card used to place the original order. Refunds cannot be issued once you have registered or booked a date with the experience provider.

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