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Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro SS or Corvette Racer Experience

• 3 miles • Drive 1 Car

10 locations

5.05.0 | 1 Reviews

You are able to bring spectators with you.

Product code: YFCC


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This is your chance to drive one of three American muscle cars.

Probably the most iconic American Muscle car of all time, the Ford Mustang is known and loved all over the World. This 1965 Mustang Race car has a big, powerful V8 engine, race car suspension, uprated brakes. Imported from America last year it competed in the 2014 Silverstone Classic and became the fastest Mustang in Europe!! Now is your chance to experience what driving one of these amazing race cars is like.

The Chevrolet Camaro SS is an iconic American Muscle car, seen in plenty of on screen action over the years, possibly most famously in the Fast and Furious films. This 1969 SS has a crazy 580 bhp from its 8 litre big block V8 engine, adjustable air suspension and wide custom wheels. It won’t break any lap records but its straight line performance is staggering and it is a brilliant driving experience that you will never forget.

The Corvette Racer, this iconic American race car is a unique experience. 600+ BHP, huge V8 engine, amazing noise, race car handling and you can drive it!!

Your experience will begin with a welcome, introduction and safety briefing. You will then get the chance to sit behind the wheel of your chosen car where you will have the chance to drive 3 miles.

Please note, there will be a supplement fee if you choose to visit the Dunsfold or Castle Combe venue.

The person driving the car will be required to sign a disclaimer accepting liability in the event of damage to the vehicle. The driver will be given an option to purchase damage waiver cover when booking to minimise their financial exposure should there be an accident. Drivers are under no obligation to purchase this optional waiver. Full details are available at the time of booking.

Key Information

When can you go?

This experience is available Monday to Friday, throughout the year.

How long does this activity last?

You will get to drive 3 miles. Approximately 2½ hours.

You need to know

The minimum age for this experience is 17 years old.

Drivers must be fit and healthy and not suffer from any conditions that may impact their ability to drive the car safely. Maximum weight is 20st (127kg). Minimum height is 135cm (4ft 5in).

Previous manual driving experience is required.

We advise you to book 4 to 8 weeks in advance.

This is for a voucher entitling the holder to any of the activities supplied by Activity Superstore up to the value stated.

You and how many others?

This experience is for one person. There will be other people on the day.

Family and friends

You are able to bring spectators with you.

We can’t control the weather!

This activity is dependent on appropriate weather conditions.



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Verified Purchaser

Everything I expected, and few things I did not.

It took a while to get a booking sorted as I wanted a mustang at a location not too far from Coventry where I live. Eventually I got one six months after my birthday at Bicster. The day arrived dry and warm, ideal conditions, the location was well signposted and I checked in easily with no long queues, I had not expected some of the extras like having to pay extra for excess damage (£5,000) waiver insurance, or for a 2 lap "viewing" ride to get to know the circuit. But extra laps were only £10 a time so I bought two more making my ride in my chosen car (1965 Classic Mustang 5 laps. We had a briefing on safety and a full description of each of the cars on offer and tips on driving them. For the Mustang it was tips like mind the side exhaust which gets very hot and the roll cage as you climb in, and the lack of power steering or power assisted brakes! My name was called and I climbed into the car, it was in race trim so bare inside with no side windows. My memory stick was inserted to record my drive. We adjusted the seat as best we could, strapped me in and fired her up, the noise outside the open window was classic V8 roar and since it would not idle I needed no excuse to keep pumping the gas the rev the engine, Moving off the clutch bite point was a millimetre off the metal so it stalled but my instructor fired it up again and we inched forward as I heaved the wheel round to steer us on to the track. The five laps flashed by. I over took one other car when waved on, and I stayed on the track and did not stall again. The car was loud, harsh and juddered and rattled. the gear stick waggled about and seemed to move miles and many time I missed engaging the actual gear. (my instructor did it for me) my excuse is I am only 5ft 4inches and clearly too small to reach pedals and arms to short to reach gears. I loved every second of it, my 5 laps actually only lasted about 4 minutes of the 7 minutes I was in the car. Yes the laps are very short even at steady pace only about 1min.15sec. I got a rating of 85 "smooth ride" from my instructor. The deal on the video and prints was expensive but worth it especially if you drove lots of cars as it was one price for them all. Extra Laps in any car were on offer at £10 each, so I gave into temptation to take the Aston for a spin, once they put the hood down, it was worthy every penny! .

When did your experience take place? September 27th 2017

What was the name of the venue where your experience took place? Bicster

✔ Yes. I recommend this product.

5 Enjoyment
4 Quality of Venue
4 Service